Legal information.

On these pages you find all of the links to legal documents pertaining to this website, including our service agreement and data processing and security terms.

  • Privacy & terms.
    The privacy policy covers information on how we treat your personal information as a visitor or customer of our website.
  • Anti Spam
    The anti-spam policy covers the usage of MakeContact for sending out messages that do need meet legal standards.
  • GDPR data processing statement
    This notifies you, a visitor or customer of our website your rights under GDPR and who our sub-processors of data are.

Legal contact request.

If you have any queries specifically relating to legal matters, complete the form or email us at 6c66696470457368736e6d7a7a816f72843f738384 and we will respond shortly.
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GDPR requests specifically relate to European Union citizens. However, we will still do our best to honour your request irrespective of your location and citizenship.

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