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When you're learning a new tool, it's inevitable that there will be terms that will need clarification. That's because tools can be complex. In this guide, I'll cover the terminology used in MakeContact, so that you can build your audiences, tweak your outreach settings and MakeContact with potential customers quickly.

Local Database

The local database is your accounts master database for storing your research and the research of any other account on the node. If you're using an Enterprise account, you'll be able to access this data and use it to build audiences.


An audience is a group of sites imported into your local database that match your search terms and options. Audiences can be built using keywords, keyword snippets, features and services. Cloud accounts build audiences using the data mining service, which actively searches the whole internet for an audience.

Enterprise accounts can additionally create audiences using only the local database. This powerful feature can be combined with country-data, that allows audiences to be created using an entire country's index. You'll need to contact the sales team discuss adding country data to your account.

Audience: Keywords

Both the data mining and local database audience building tool supports keywords. Data mining uses exact matches, so it's best to keep phrases more general e.g. use 'Dentist' instead of 'Cosmetic Dentist'. The local database keyword tool supports negative, positive and perfect match keywords using -, + and " symbols.

Audience: Keyword Snippet

Data Mining tools search the source code of the website, which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server header information. Use a common snippet of text to get our data mining engine to return this audience from the Internet.

Audience: Feature

MakeContact supports the search of features such as "Collecting emails". We're continually adding new ways of detecting features on sites and we will announce them in our news feed.

Audience: Service

MakeContact can recognise the use of over 700 services e.g. MailChimp or Visual Website Optimizer. Enter the name of the service you'd like to build an audience of their customers. If a service is missing, you can try using the Keyword Snippet feature, or if that's too technical you can request help from one of our audience engineers.

Data Mining

MakeContact uses it's own deep intelligence bot technology, similar to Google's search engine bot. You can launch the bot using a data mining search and it will build a custom audience for your campaign. The bot is capable of cataloging over 50,000 contacts in a few hours. Our cloud customers share the bots with other customers on the same node. If you need faster results, you should consider an Enterprise account which gets up to full access.

Outreach List

An outreach list keeps track of the connections you're making as you work through the audiences. Each outreach list can be configured with it's own unique message or sales funnel.

Export Limits

This is the maximum number of contacts you can search or export at any one time. The export limit is dynamic and takes into account how many free contacts you've got remaining on the account.

Import Limits

The maximum size of an audience is controlled by the import limit. All audiences start off with 100 contacts (Some may be smaller if less than 100 were matched). The import limit is the maximum size you can expand the audience to.


General Data Protection Regulation is the European Union's law concerning the treatment of it's citizen's personal data. It has far reaching legal consequences for all companies worldwide, including fines of up to 4% global revenue for breaches.

Copy & Paste Template

The Copy & Paste template is automatically added to your device's copy and paste buffer every time you click on a social media contact link. Press CTRL-V on your laptop or Long press + Paste on mobile devices to paste the message into the social media app.

Opt In Message

The opt-in message is delivered before the sales funnel drip campaign begins. It can be used to legally request permission to send your marketing message and can optionally redirect the customer to a landing page of your choice.

Sales Funnel Message

A sales funnel drip message is a sequence of autoresponder emails that can be sent to a contact automatically. They can be preceded with an opt-in message for GDPR compliance.

DKIM Sender Keys

These are codes that are added to your domain records. They are used to digitally sign and authorise transmission of messages through MakeContact's servers. To reduce spam, it's important you ensure these have been correctly added to your DNS records.
Matthew Founder of MakeContact
April 10, 2018 Guides