Getting Started

How to get started with MakeContact

MakeContact Workflow

There are three steps to launching a successful campaign with MakeContact - Setup your campaign, build your audiences and MakeContact. In this guide, I'll cover these three simple step. For more detailed information on using MakeContact, take a look at the tutorial videos on the support page.

Step One - Setup Your Campaign

MakeContact uses lists called "Outreach Lists" to manage the activity for each of your campaigns. Later in the final step, every contact you interact with will be added to this list and use it's messages and templates. The first step is to create a list (or as many lists as you need) to manage the different types of messages you'd like to send.

Media Templates

If you're going to send emails using your own account, or contact people using social media, complete the setup by adding a copy & paste media template and an email template.

Drip Email

If you're using an Enterprise account, you will want to set up the list's drip email campaign along with an opt-in and dedicated landing page. This will be automatically triggered for each contact's email you select in the final step.

Note - Before you can use the Sales Funnel drip emails, you will need to setup your sending email identity.

Step Two - Build Your Audiences

Now you've set up your campaign, it's time to start building your audience. Every MakeContact account has it's own database used for storing audience information. MakeContact has two ways of adding audience information to your local database - Regional Data and the Data Mining Bot.

Regional Data

MakeContact has already indexed many top-level regional domains (e.g. United Kingdom) and this data can be added to your Enterprise account by the sales team. The regional database contains millions of contacts which can be used to create a new audience instantly. Contact our sales team for more information or book a demo from the homepage to learn more.

Data Mining Bot

MakeContact's Data Mining Bot searches the entire web for matching contacts and is capable of adding over 50,000 new sites ever few hours to your account. When you build an audience using Data Mining it may take a little while for the results to be available, so you'll be notified by email when the new audience is ready.

Keywords, Code Snippets & Brands

You can build a new audiences using brand names (e.g. MailChimp), keywords and code snippets. If you're using an Enterprise account, you can build an audience from any data already in your local database, unlike Data Mining, this audience will be created instantly.

Finally - Search & Contact

After MakeContact has finished preparing your audiences, it's time to begin your campaign. You'll need to select which audiences to include in the search results and set any filters or keywords to match against.

Social Media

Every contact listed in the search results will show it's available social media channels, this will differ from contact to contact. MakeContact's focus isn't just about email, so we try to find all available contact routes. Not just their email address. 

Selecting a contact's social media icon will open up the browser or app. If you've set up copy & paste media templates, press CTRL+V or "long press then paste" to send the templated message. 

Note - Ensure you've signed your browser in to all social media networks, or installed the corresponding app.


Hovering over the contact's email button will reveal the email addresses for contacting this company. If you've set up a sales funnel, clicking the email will add it instantly to the outreach list's drip campaign - otherwise, your email app will open up with a pre-filled message, ready to send.

Export Results

MakeContact also allows you to export your search results at any time in a CSV format of your choice. If the list contains email addresses, we recommend you clean the list using LemonFresh Email Validation before your import it into any third-party mailing tool.

Matthew Founder of MakeContact
April 11, 2018 Guides