MakeContact with every business.

Identifying business to business prospects for your sales team is difficult. It requires the scale of a search engine with the power of big data. MakeContact indexes the whole web and combines this incredible data with outbound marketing technology.

The technology.

MakeContact gathers intelligence using it's own on-demand data mining technology. This turns the whole Internet into an opportunity for your sale team to explore.

Global coverage of prospect data.
Find an audience, build a prospect list and start promoting your service to any business online.

250+ million business online.
Complex boolean searches.
Custom pattern detection.
Technology usage.
Monthly spend.

Workflow automation & drip email.
Templated messages social media and email messages speed up outreach.

Social media templates with tags.
Direct email templates.
Drip sales funnel.
Activity tracking.
Landing pages.

The founder.

Over 18 years experience as an online entrepreneur. Matthew pioneered one of the UK's largest online loan businesses with a zero-dollar marketing budget, handling over £5 billion in applications.

Matthew conceived MakeContact in 2017 as an alternative way to promote businesses and generate leads.

Matthew is also full-stack developer and startup business mentor.

Currently based in South East Asia (Bali).
Founder, Matthew Shelley

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