Find any audience,
Promote your business.

Connect with 250+ million businesses in a few clicks.
Multichannel Data
250+ Million Prospects
Workflow Automation
B2B Sales Outreach
Multi-Channel Data
250+ Million Prospects
Workflow Automation
B2B Sales Outreach

Multichannel outreach.

Outbound Email & Social media.
Sales data that covers nine social media contact channels including the contact page, email, Messenger, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Intelligence on every prospect.
MakeContact gathers over 2,000 signals from every website worldwide to create an intelligence brief that covers SAAS apps, features and a budget.

Access millions of prospects.

Run large or small sales campaigns.
MakeContact is capable of returning millions of matching prospects, or just a few hundred depending on the niche being mined.

Insanely fast market research.
Don't keep your sales and marketing teams waiting. MakeContact can add over 50,000 new prospects to a project in just a single hour.

Download lists of prospect data.
Integrate your favourite CRM's by downloading lists of data in the CSV format. Create

Part of your sales stack.

Connecting with a prospect is fast. Build an audience for your project in seconds and reach out through social media or email. Don't rely solely on email, watch the video now to see it in action

Global coverage of prospect data.
Find an audience, build a prospect list and start promoting your service to any business online.

250+ million business online.
Complex boolean searches.
Custom pattern detection.
Technology usage.
Monthly spend.

Workflow automation & drip email.
Templated messages social media and email messages speed up outreach.

Social media templates with tags.
Direct email templates.
Drip sales funnel.
Activity tracking.
Landing pages.

Build audiences easily.

Any keyword combination.
Target audiences anywhere online using phrases or a keyword combination.

Technology usage.
Identify businesses using specific SAAS applications such as Magento or a Google Pixel. Or, create an audience using a JavaScript or HTML code-snippet.

Regionalization & filters.
Select specific top-level domains such as or .ca to include only websites operating in these regions. Negative feature filtering, also allows you to find audiences that are not yet using a technology e.g. Missing tracking pixel.

Fully compliant data.

ePrivacy & GDPR Compliance.
MakeContact utilises contact points that are published by the businesses themselves. We provide the tools to identify your audience and the means to contact them using 9 different channels.

Opted in email workflow.
MakeContact turns opting in, into an opportunity. A well crafted, compliant message can collect permission when it's needed, redirect the customer to a landing page and then trigger a drip sales funnel

Drip Sales Funnels.
Reach more contacts automatically with MakeContact's drip sales funnel, offering single click engagement.

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